Special Report: UK’s Leading Management Consultants

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On Thursday the 28th January 2022, the Financial Times will publish a special report titled The UK's Leading Management Consultants.

Consultants are often experts in change but even their abilities have been tested by the pandemic and its impact on business and ways of working. This report will list consultants recommended by their clients and peers and rate them in sectors and areas of expertise and will review and explore a broad range of topics around:

  • How consultancies' longstanding experience of working remotely and flexibly has been tried by Covid-19 but may also be drawn upon to help clients adjust in the most turbulent times.
  • The broader impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the profession
  • The government’s reliance on management consultancies
  • What does Brexit mean for UK consultancy work?
  • The efforts to monitor and increase diversity in the consultancy sector
  • With a focus on UK hospitality sector - How will consultants help clients reduce estates, pivot to delivery and advise on financing to see them through the crisis?

Please note that this outline is provisional.

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