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Business Context

Galaxy Fund Management wanted to promote digital assets (such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens) as an investable alternative, and to position itself as a leader in the field.

It was looking to do this via educational thought leadership that would increase awareness in its core audience of financial advisers.

The aim was to capture prospects and re-engage users with new content that would reinforce the brand, drive qualified leads and turn prospects into buyers.

The firm selected the Financial Times because it could provide exactly the right audience and a trusted environment for this content.

Our Solution

Working with Galaxy and its media agency Ptarmigan, the FT Commercial team devised FutureProof – a six-month programme of educational thought leadership content, including video and audio webcasts and white papers.

The strategy focused on achieving brand goals across varying user journey stages, connecting upper and lower funnel activation in a seamless execution.

During the course of the campaign, the FT optimised both the content and the marketing to improve targeting and engagement still further.


The team created eight webcasts, also distributed as podcasts, on topics such as ‘FutureProof: Beyond Bitcoin – The Growth Of Digital Payment Assets’ and ‘What Wall Street Gets Wrong About Bitcoin’.

Based on these webcasts, we created seven new white papers on the Financial Advisor IQ Think Tank, as part of lead generation. To extend the webcasts’ reach, we also repurposed the content into multiple shorter pieces for use on social media and on the Galaxy website. These included video clips, short transcript-based articles, and related infographics.

All this content expressed Galaxy’s message: that digital currency is an investable asset that financial advisers should consider including in their clients’ portfolios.



During the FT partnership, awareness of Galaxy Fund Management grew by 2.5 times.

  • A total of 1,848 leads opted in
  • 1,570 leads were generated through Financial Advisor IQ

(FAIQ) – connecting Galaxy with its ideal target audience:

  • 42% of FAIQ registrants are registered investment advisers
  • 44% have assets under management above $100 million & 18% have AUMs $1billion or more
  • The FutureProof campaign generated 1272 verified financial advisers from 503 firms

In addition:

  • The campaign won the Gramercy Asset Management Marketing Award for Creative Execution
  • 50% of the audience engaged with more than one piece of Galaxy content as the campaign progressed – a high level of repeat engagement
  • We doubled the number of leads generated by creating the white papers from the webcast content
  • We kept the audience’s interest throughout the whole campaign – from using popular panel speakers early on, to introducing fresh and timely topics once the audience had grown familiar with the subject-matter.
Galaxy Fund Management: Educational Thought Leadership Content to Capture Financial Advisers

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