The ESG and Brand Balance: Thought leadership study

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How environmental, social and governance factors influence perceptions of your business

Discover the values that influence your customers, employees and business partners, with our new thought leadership study ESG and Brand Balance.

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How people see your organisation is increasingly affected by environmental, social and governance factors. Based on a survey of 815 global business influencers, this study shows the impact of your ESG approach on your stakeholders’ perceptions – from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Sectors covered:

Financial services, technology, energy, manufacturing, government, law, health, media, luxury and more.

Just five of the findings:

  • 55% aren’t willing to compromise their values for a company they buy from or work with
  • Only 1 in 2 have good knowledge of their company’s initiatives
  • Those in the energy sector say their company prioritises climate change, diversity and community – but those outside the sector see completely different priorities
  • Personal and company values don’t always align
  • 78% say their view of a company would improve if they aligned with a media source that had good values

The study includes the overall results, a detailed breakdown by sector, and an analysis of how brands can best communicate their ESG initiatives.

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