Media Matters at the FT


Media Matters at the FT

The value of storytelling: Engaging decision makers through content and measuring its impact.

The Financial Times invites you to the next instalment of our ‘Media Matters at the FT’ event to take place at the National Theatre on 26th June.

Capturing the attention and loyalty of time-poor business leaders has never been more challenging. Engaging them in the right way in times of crisis is even harder.

However, those brands that manage to make meaningful connections with senior leaders will find a more engaged, loyal audience. At The Financial Times we know the crucial role of content in engaging our partners’ target audience, to drive value and performance.

Please join our experts at the Financial Times for drinks and canapes to learn how storytelling helps brands cut through and ignite conversations with senior decision makers, and how to measure the impact of content.

Hosted by:
Kathryn Evans - Head of B2B Sales, EMEA

Presented by:
Sarah Mackenzie - Head of Marketing and Client Services
Georgie Cauthery - B2B Content Director
Dan Kay - Performance Director, Performance Marketing

Monday 26 June, 2023

6.30PM - 9.30PM

Buffini Chao Deck
National Theatre
Upper Ground
South Bank


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