FT Coronavirus Pulse Survey: Wave 6


FT Coronavirus Pulse Survey Wave 6 is out – this portion of the survey was from 24 to 27 June 2020. Firm level business optimism in the short term (next 6 months) continues to increase each wave. Longer term optimism is relatively flat.

Wondering how soon global influencers will feel comfortable flying domestic or international for business/leisure, attending events in person, or returning to the office? Those in Continental European are the most comfortable getting "back to normal" overall followed by those in the UK, and then Americas. Percent Comfortable returning to offices in the next 3 months: 74% in Cont. EU, 61% in the UK, and 54% in the Americas. Percent Comfortable flying internationally for business in the next 3 months: 37% in Cont. EU, 34% in the UK, and 23% in the Americas.

  • NEW: Almost a third globally say they are ready to return to the office/workplace immediately. In contrast it will be almost a year before 50% of the respondents will feel comfortable going to a sporting event or a music concert. 
  • NEW: Top 5 countries preferred for foreign direct investment: Canada 19%, Germany/USA 17%, UK 16% and Singapore 14%. 
  • NEW: Important factors when considering foreign direct investments in another country are: Strong and stable government 61%, Transparent/open business culture 61% and pool of Talented/skilled labour 60%.    

We will continue conducting regular surveys of the FT’s reader panel to understand how the world’s business leaders perceive the crisis, the outlook for recovery and how they wish brands to communicate with them.

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