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The multi-award-winning Financial Times newspaper is one of the world’s leading sources of news and insight on world affairs, business, finance and politics. Editorially independent, it’s recognised worldwide for its authority, accuracy and integrity – and every month, 26 million people turn to and its iconic pink pages for information they can trust. The FT also publishes regular and one-off supplements on topics of interest, as well as over 150 Special Reports a year. FT newspaper content is available online at and on the FT app.


of FT readers have an income of £100k+


of FT readers are purchase decision-makers


of FT readers are C-suite executives

Source: FT Global Reader Survey 2022

National & International News

The FT gives its readers a uniquely global perspective on the news. Reporting from the world’s political and commercial nerve centres, a network of 700 top journalists follow each story’s repercussions as they ripple around the globe.

Companies & Markets

The FT newspaper’s second section gives our business and finance-focused audience the most authoritative account of corporate news, global investing and international capital market activity. It also carries a full summary of currencies, commodities and world stock markets.

Big Read

These long-form articles explore and explain key themes in world affairs, science and business. Each one enables our readers to develop a deeper understanding of a critical topic.


FT readers appreciate the range of independent views that gives them a broader outlook. Our award-winning commentators are engaging, informed and occasionally controversial, while our high-profile guest contributors give a fascinating insight into the world through the eyes of the people who shape it.


FT readers are highly engaged and well-informed, so our letters page always provides fresh perspectives and provokes lively debate.

The Lex Column

Lex is the world’s oldest and arguably most influential business and finance column, highlighting risks and opportunities so FT readers can make informed investment decisions. Trusted for its candid and authoritative analysis, it sets the business agenda and often moves the markets.

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The FT is published Monday - Saturday with news articles uploaded on daily. Dates may vary for specialist publications; please check with your local representative.