Women’s Investment Club: Making Sure Your Family is Financially Secure

Investors Chronicle’s new series of events is focused on equipping women with information around investing and financial planning. Each briefing will focus on a particular theme and topics will include why and how to get started in investing, how to build a pension big enough for the lifestyle you want, and tackling costly family problems such as paying for care for elderly relatives.

This virtual edition of the Women's Investment Club (WIC) is at 11am on 8th October and will help you to make sure your family is financially secure. You'll find out how to:

  • Manage your family’s finances including starting a pension and or Jisa for your children
  • Plan for covering university costs and getting your children on the property ladder
  • Learn more about what you can do to provide financial security for your family

This 1 hour online briefing will feature insights and investment ideas from Investors Chronicle journalists and investment managers. Attendees will also get the opportunity to quiz our experts on the financial matters which are important to them in an intimate and friendly setting.

To register and view the agenda, please click here.

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