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Life & Arts is published worldwide every Saturday in FT Weekend. Covering everything from art and books to good living, it is read avidly by discerning and wealthy individuals who attend the art and cultural events.


July-December 2022 Weekend Circulation worldwide*

US $10.3bn

how much FT audience plan to spend on holidays in the next 12 months**

2.4k EUR

average spent on jewellery for the FT readers in the last 12 months***

Source: *Global Commercial Update Q4 2022: Internal Circulation Figures, **GBI 2022 NA, Europe, APAC & Middle East***Affluent Europe 2021 (Western Europe)

Life & Arts - Guaranteed Position - Colour & Mono

Life & Arts - Run of Section - Colour & Mono

Weekday - Run of Paper - Custom Sizes - Mono

Customisable sizes are available, these are mono adverts and will be placed run of paper. Sizing is determined by the 6 column grid of the newspaper, the minimum width is 2 column and the maximum width is 6 columns.

Rates are determined by Single Column Unit (SCU) and final dimensions are dependent on copy provided but use the following column structure:

Life & Arts - Run of Section - Custom Sizes - Colour & Mono


Life & Arts - Guaranteed Position - Colour

Life & Arts - Run of Section - Colour

Life & Arts - Run of Section - Mono

Life & Arts - Run of Section - Custom Sizes - Colour & Mono

Production & Delivery Contacts

Please deliver your copy and creative 7 working days prior to the publication date or as advised by your FT representative. Send your copy and creative to adcopy@ft.com.

Print Requirements

All adverts will need to be supplied as high resolution PDF files and must include trim marks set to trim size of publication. Crop marks should be positioned outside the bleed and printed area. Please download full specifications.


Advertising Contacts

Fiona Wallace
Head of Luxury Arts Advertising
T + 44 (0) 207 775 6478
M + 44 (0) 7545 413123

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