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Written by FT correspondents from around the world, and presented in a variety of formats; Special Reports immerse the reader through compelling, in-depth content. Presented in both broadsheet and digital formats, Special Reports enable senior executives to connect with relevant content to help them to make informed business decisions.

Special Reports appear in a variety of formats, from magazines, tabloids, and broadsheets, to article series that feature video and interactive stories. While print Special Reports can be found in the Financial Times newspaper, digital Special Reports are found on ft.com/reports where users can view the most recent Special Reports and search through previously published Special Report content.


of FT readers read special reports in a print or digital format on a monthly basis


of FT readers use Special Reports to find out about specific business sectors and the industry they work in


of FT readers share Special Reports with clients and colleague

Source: Special Reports research 2018

In-depth and engaging journalism

In more than 100 reports a year, FT journalists provide authoritative analysis of the biggest issues in global business, finance and industry, presented in compelling print, video and digital formats.

How our readers use reports

An invaluable tool for the people who make decisions, Special Reports provide insight into the topics and trends that matter to business and policymaking around the world. They enable senior executives to quickly inform themselves and make the right connections for their businesses.

How advertisers can benefit

Special Reports provide a unique opportunity for our commercial partners to reach the Financial Times’ influential audience: the right people in the right environment with the right message.

Publication Schedule

Special Reports are published regularly across https://www.ft.com/reports, and in the Financial Times newspaper. Click here to view the latest dates for our Special Reports.