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Business Context

Refinitiv is a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure. One of its offerings is a wide range of trading solutions for end-to-end workflow support.

As a relatively young brand, Refinitiv wanted to raise awareness in its core audience of global C-suite financial decision-makers.

In October 2019 the FT created the newsletter and content hub Trade Secrets, focusing on international trade and globalisation. This was expanded a few months later with a new FT Channel on the topic.

Refinitiv recognized Trade Secrets as a strategic fit, providing context to the financial data it is known for – and sponsoring Trade Secrets would give Refinitiv a powerful means of achieving its brand recognition objectives.

Marketing Objectives

FT Channels deliver multimedia content on specific themes or verticals. This allows our audiences to take a deep dive into the topics that interest them, and enables our partnering clients to provide thought leadership that raises their profile.

The Trade Secrets channel focuses on the changing face of international trade and globalisation. The FT created it to help companies, law firms, regulators and institutional investors cut through the noise on one of the world’s most important stories. At a time when the global trading system is under threat, the hub covers not just official negotiations and disputes – and the people driving them – but also how companies, technologies and international investment are shaping the world economy.

In addition to the Trade Secrets channel, Refinitiv sponsored a series of FT Trade Secrets Special Reports and promoted a series of seven Refinitiv-branded articles, including A Vision of the Trading Desk in 2024 and The Technology at the Heart of USChina Trade Tensions on


The Trade Secrets channel combines specially-created FT editorial content with custom-created branded videos from Refinitiv.

We created a bespoke marketing plan to make sure that all Refinitiv’s video and article content reached the right audience in the most relevant editorial environment. This included a combination of display ads and native promotion on and social media, ensuring that the campaign delivered a far-reaching presence across the FT’s print and digital portfolio.

Refinitiv Special Report.jpg


Refinitiv saw a dramatic 213% increase in positive brand recognition.

  • An astonishing 3,300 hours of video watched to date
  • 2.8 pages viewed on average – showing that the content resonated with the audience and encouraged them to explore more of it
  • 151 seconds spent on content pages on average – with 56% of these users navigating to more than one page per session, demonstrating high engagement
  • Videos performed well above benchmark – with users viewing 76% of the video on average
  • The Trade Secrets partnership generated ~3,000 clicks through to Refinitiv’s website
Refinitv: Creating awareness through Trade Secrets, a global editorial product partnership

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